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Thursday, January 7, 2010

69. FREE Film: Adventures of Robin Hood - 1/23

Chivalry is not dead, especially when it's FREE!
Come enjoy a free film screening of the Adventures of Robin Hood (1938 film) at The Getty Center on Saturday, Jan 23rd, at 1 PM. Although admission is free, online reservations are required in advance (click HERE). I was able to make a group reservation for 6, which may be the maximum number of tickets allowed per person, so you can make it a triple date! Or bring kids (or nieces and nephews) since The Getty is kid-friendly. Make sure to print out your reservation and bring it with you.

The Adventures of Robin Hood
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The matinée will last less than 2 hours (102 minutes to be exact). This gives you enough time to stroll around the rest of the museum at your own leisure afterward. I do suggest timing it so that you end up in the garden area before 5 PM. In this way, you can enjoy the sunset with a panoramic view of city of Downtown LA as the day turns into the evening. Check out Cheap Date Idea #32 for more info about The Getty, such as the free daily tours. The museum is open late only on Saturdays until 9 PM (parking is free after 5 PM, but not early enough for the screening).

In case that Saturday is not a good day for you, at least one more film is scheduled for this series. Knights of the Round Table (1954 film) will be showing at the same place and time on Sunday, Jan 24th. Again, separate online reservations are required for each film.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = FREE Admission with reservation + $15 Parking.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
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