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Friday, January 15, 2010

78. FREE Meetup Hiking in Griffith Park

Wanna do something FREE & active outdoors this weekend?
Well, grab a hiking buddy tomorrow morning and call it date! So far over 30 folks (with 22 maybes) are headed to Griffith Park. RSVP online on Meetup.com (click HERE). Of course, with that many people, this will be more of a "group date" idea (a newly added category for date ideas!). Not only will this be an opportunity to meet other new people, but also less pressure on each other. If this Saturday is too soon, there is always something happening on Meetup.com.

Griffith Observatory Sunrise
Originally uploaded by rianklong

This hike is for advanced beginners with the ground mostly level except for the part near the golf course and zoo. Plan to arrive early since the hike starts promptly at 9:30 AM. The rendezvous point is the Parking Lot #2 past the merry-go-round, not the fire ranger station. Bring enough water to last 2 hours. The weather bunny predicts partly cloudy with the rain returning on Monday, so this weekend should be a good time to do something outdoors. Sunblock and camera are always on my list of recommendations for outdoor activities. Lastly, this event is dog-friendly with leashes.

Don't end your date at 11:30 AM. Stick around and head to the Griffith Observatory too while you're in the area. Admission and parking are FREE too. By the way, the 2010 schedule for the FREE Public Star Parties at the Observatory are posted online now. See Cheap Date Idea #4 for more info.

Based on the photo here, the view of The Griffith Observatory against Downtown LA looks spectacular. The only other place with a comparable shot may be The Getty Center for Cheap Date Idea # 32 (actually it's yet another free date idea).

Approximate cost of creative date idea = FREE.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
Kiss & Tell Idea by @CentrdinLA
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