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Sunday, January 24, 2010

87. Pajama Night at Cafe 50's

Eat for FREE in your pajamas!
There's no need to dress up at The Cafe 50's because they will give your meal for free on the last Wednesday of every month. You do have to purchase a beverage with your meal, but it's still a great deal either way. Just something silly to do once in awhile...
come caffeina.
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To keep things "clean", they have hired their own "pajama judge" who will inspect your pajamas upon arrival and award you with a white token for wearing the proper traditional PJ's or a blue token for a decent attempt. The white token gets you 100% free meal, while the blue is like a second place prize with only 50% discount. So leave the sexy lingerie home for another date night.

Pajama Night is officially 6-10 PM, but breakfast is served all day, otherwise lunch and dinner meals are available too (see menu online). Cafe 50's is open from 7am til midnight daily or until 1 AM on weekends. There seems to be 3 locations according to Google Maps, but these specials apply to the one on Santa Monica Blvd right off the 405 Freeway.

Sign up for their frequent dining club, so you can enjoy perks, including FREE garlic fries and milk shakes, and also FREE meals on your birthday. Why go to Denny's, when you can support your local mom & pop shop? See you on Wednesday!

UPDATE 04/27/10: The definition of pajamas has evolved over time, but it's back to tradition at Cafe 50's with 2-piece button-down long sleeves and pantlegs with matching top and bottom with a collar. You may change into your PJ's at the cafe but the discount will be 50%, so wear your PJ's proudly into the joint and get your meal for FREE (with a purchase of a drink). For the complete rules for Pajama Night, click HERE.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = 2 Drinks + Tip.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Varies.
Kiss & Tell Idea by @SoCalCoupons
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