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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

16. Champagne, Sparklers & Bubbles, Oh My!

Bristol Farms offers something more than a simple wine tasting. For a set price ($23 plus tax), they serve you while you sit at a table and enjoy 6 wine tastings PLUS a light meal (bread, soup or salad, and a main entree with one or two sides, AND a dessert). Considering the value, this may not be the cheapest date idea, but perhaps a first date idea. You can't order any more or any less (besides a tip), so sticking to a budget will be easy. Depending on the location, the wine tastings are on either Tuesdays or Thursdays starting at 5:30 or 6 PM for 2 hours, with the theme changing every week (see schedule online). Please note that the wine tastings will end in 2 weeks but will resume after the new year. The last one of the year sounds fun, "Champagne, Sparklers, and Bubbles, Oh My!" on Thursday, Nov 12th, in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach or their other 6 locations. Due to the limited seating, advance reservations by phone is a must. If you're not a wine enthusiast, this is an easy way to try a few different ones locally without making the trek to Napa.

UPDATE 01/0710: Wine tastings will resume in February 2010, so check back for the schedule online.

UPDATE 06/02/10: The wine tastings are on sale right now with buy one and get one for 1¢ (yes, one cent), so that's $23.96 plus tax for two tastings with a light meal (or ~$12 pp). Reservations required.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = $12 Per Person + Tax.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = $80 Total Minimum.
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