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Saturday, November 7, 2009

20. Sand Snowman Contest - 12/12

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Yessirree, Hermosa Beach hosts the Annual Sand Snowman Contest! This must be how Californians compensate for missing seasons. On the bright side, sand snowmen don't melt, so we can thoroughly enjoy our works of art (until high tide, that is). On Saturday, Dec 12th, 9 AM - Noon, check in before 8:45 AM to claim your spot on the beach and start sculpting at 9 AM. Pull out supplies from your closets (nothing new!): shovels, towels, scarves, mittens and accessories for your sand snowman. Also, don't forget your camera to have your photo taken with Surfing Santa! Metered parking usually starts at 10 AM but is free for 3 hours usually during the holidays. After the contest, reward yourselves to a nice brunch at Martha's on 22nd Street (be prepared to wait a bit, especially if you want a spot on the outdoor patio with a peak ocean view). You and your partner in crime have a little over a month to design your Mr. (or Mrs.) Sandman. Good luck!!

Approximate cost of creative date = Free plus brunch is optional.
Actual value of the cheap date = Priceless.
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