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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

52. FREE Disneyland Tickets in 2010

You heard me, F-R-E-E Disneyland during the whole year of 2010.
All you have to do is donate some of your time for a good cause and then you get to spend a full day at the magical kingdom.

Road to the West
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The "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." Program is something fun AND free to do with that special someone. Plus it guarantees at least two dates, right? Don't forget about the bonus points called good karma!

In order to participate in this program, register on Disney's website and select one of the posted volunteer opportunities online (click HERE). Note that I said "some" of your time because there is no specification on the number of service hours, but it is limited to one pass per person for the program. Are a few hours of your time worth $72? Well, that's exactly the cost of a 1-day pass! Just do any one of the listed volunteer activities and receive a voucher for a 1-day pass. For annual pass holders, the voucher is non-transferable but it is exchangeable (see FAQ online).

The first million volunteers get to...
go to this amusement park (in either Anaheim or Orlando), so volunteer now and then go to Disneyland later. This is even better than the Free Disneyland Day on Your Birthday Program (see Cheap Date Idea #49), since you can do it anytime of the year! The free pass is good for almost anytime through Dec 15th, 2010 except for a few blackout days as listed online. So start off the New Year with a good heart, get online now (actually it starts on Jan 1st, so mark your calendar) and schedule a date for Disneyland!

UPDATE 03/09/10: As of today, Disneyland has reached it's goals for this program, meaning there are no more free tickets available for volunteering.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = FREE Admission + $14 Parking + Good Karma.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = $158 Total.
Click here for map
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