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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

64. Free NYE Block Party & Fireworks

FREE block parties, live music AND fireworks on NYE?
If you like free and you like variety, Downtown Long Beach will be your place to be on this Thursday. Actually, there will be three different places to be that night, which is expected to attract a crowd of 50,000 party goers.

New Years @ Queen Mary
Originally uploaded by Anthony Lujan

Schedule for New Year's Eve in Downtown LB:
Area-A) 6 PM at the Waterfront.
Area-B) 7 PM on Pine Avenue (at Pine & Broadway): Live cover bands rocking to 60s, 70s, and 80s music, plus The Beatles.
Area-C) 8 PM at East Village Arts District (at 1st & Elm): Live local bands with a beer garden next to the stage.
Area-A) 9 PM a Red Bull stunt driver will attempt to break the world record by jumping his rally car from the Pine Ave Pier to a floating barge in the harbor.
Area-A) 12 AM Not only will the Queen Mary fireworks be going off, but also a LED lightshow throughout Downtown LB. The best viewing spots, besides on the Queen Mary, will be at the Shoreline Village. Some of my old fave restaurants along the waterfront are Parker's Lighthouse and PF Changs. Or you can claim a spot early in the parking lot for an unobstructed view of the fireworks in the harbor. Make sure to bundle up for these outdoor activities.

Settle into one spot or, with a good pair of shoes, try to hit all three party areas. Large screen projections will be showing a live feed of the activities at the Waterfront, including the stunt, so that folks can continue enjoying the bands in the other two areas. Here is a list of walking distance and time as estimated by Google Maps:
Point A to B: 0.9 miles, 18 min.
Point B to C: 0.4 miles, 7 min.
Point C to A: 1.1 miles, 20 min.

Click HERE for more info, directions, public/VIP parking and public transportation ($3 metro day pass may be a safe option worth considering on NYE). Or watch the festivities from the comfort of your own home! The daredevil stunt will be captured on ESPN TV's Live East Coast NYE Show. Whatever you do, have fun! 2 days and counting...

Approximate cost of creative date idea = FREE Admission.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
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