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Saturday, December 26, 2009

List: Anytime Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Here is a list of activities that you can do whenever you want throughout the year. Or you can search for date ideas by keywords, such as anytime or daily as opposed to a special event which is date-specific, (or use the handy dandy pull-down tool bar at the top). If you have any date ideas to add, please do kiss & tell in the comments section or via email.
4. Star Gazing at Griffith Observatory
5. Paint Pottery in Your Pajamas
6. 360° Ocean View Aquarium
9. Tapas Tuesdays in Hermosa Beach
10. Adventures at Point Dume Beach
13. Huntington Botanical Gardens
15. Shark Lagoon Friday Nights
16. Champagne, Sparklers & Bubbles, Oh My!
17. More Than A Happy Hour
18. Buona Vita is Buona Anytime
32. FREE at The Getty Center
38. Find Peace at Lake Shrine
50. Farmer's Market in Santa Monica
53. FREE Puppy Play Date
54. Paparazzi Day in Hollywood
55. FREE Improv Comedy Night
57. Tidepools at Abalone Cove
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