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Friday, February 12, 2010

EVERY day should be Valentine's Day!

I've got several reasons for the delaying the new cheap date idea today... Busy unpacking (just moved in with fiance), was in the middle of tidying up the place before he returned from an overseas business trip, am feeling under the weather (maybe bad allergies, but still healthy enough to blog), but more importantly, I feel like there's a lot of pressure (out of no where) to come up with some good cheap date ideas for this Hallmark Holiday. Don't get me wrong, I've been accumulating a list of things to do for this weekend (just search by keyword Valentines or pull down the menu bar), BUT now I'm up against the date.

I selected this particular photo (see right) to show that V-Day (yellow flower) may be the big day of the year, but EVERY day (smaller white daisies) should be Valentine's. Heck, that's the very reason why I'm writing this blog in the first place, especially since it doesn't have to always cost you a pretty penny, hence the name 365 Cheap Dates. Yes, you can go the extra mile on Sunday, but don't let stop there. Check back with me here at www.365cheapdates.com for new cheap (and FREE) date ideas every day. Stay tuned.... In case I'm MIA this weekend for my surprise V-Day getaway trip (meaning no internet access if my fiance has his way), Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. You don't have to spend a fortune this weekend, just make sure to do something different from the norm, case in point: dinner and movies (that is unless you go see the new flick, Valentine's Day because that's what your significant partner wants to do). Whatever you do, focus on your sweetheart and you (shut off the cell phones and laptops, that even includes me). I'm not trying to be mushy, but rather practical.
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