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Thursday, February 18, 2010

List: Cheap Dates Ideas at Tide Pools

To answer a Fellow Tweeter's question, what's my favorite cheap date idea?
I'd have to say that my fave ANYTIME date idea is tide pool exploration. Reason: I love discovering new creatures, like the Wavy Turban at Crystal Cove (see my photo below) and seeing what else my partner can find (yes, we are a bit competitive). Moreover, because it's F-R-E-E (usually) and anyone can do it anytime. Well, almost anytime, but it's better at low tide, speaking of which... Saturday, February 27th, marks the winter low-tide, which is expected to be a very popular day for tide pool exploration up and down the coasts.

It's staring at me!?
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Here's a list of tide pool areas that are offering tours next weekend. Click on each cheap date idea for more info, especially for parking suggestions and an updated schedule of tours..
44. Tide Pools at Crystal Cove: 2/27 2 PM in Newport Beach/Laguna Beach.
57. Tide Pools at Abalone Cove: 2/27 1-3 PM in Palos Verdes.
75. Tide Pools by Cabrillo Marine Aquarium: 2/27 1-2:30 PM in San Pedro.

Other options include Doheny State Beach: 2/27 1-4 PM in Dana Point (click HERE for more info).

Tips: Wear comfy shoes and pants (or shorts, if you like) that you don't mind getting wet and bring a towel to wipe down before getting back into your car. Water bottles, hat, sunglasses and sunblock would be helpful too.

If you know of any other tide pool tours in different areas, let me know! So I now throw the question back to @JasonWheeler and you, "What's your fave cheap date idea?"

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