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Friday, March 26, 2010

140. Last Friday on Main Street, Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a cool place every day, especially on the LAST Friday.
The City of Santa Monica started a new tradition this year, Main Street Last Fridays. On that one day of every month, shops and restaurants/bars on Main Street stay open later than normal and hold special events. Here's a highlight: @TrunkShowLA will be offering complimentary cocktails while a DJ is spinning PLUS 10% off the entire store on 3/26 at 6-9 PM. If that's not enticing enough, click HERE for a complete listing of participating venues and special discounts.

While you're in the neighborhood, come earlier and check out the pier on Cheap Date Idea #84. Or double the fun and head to FREE Friday Night Skate Night in Santa Monica (see Cheap Date Idea #91).

As for parking, FREE bike valet is being offered at this event. Some merchants are offering extra special discounts for the environmentally-conscious bikers too! Otherwise, there are plenty of parking lots in the area with a flat rate of $3 after 6 PM. If you miss it tomorrow (sorry for the late notice), but luckily you can mark your calendar for next month. TGILF.

UPDATE 03/26/10: For more info about the free cocktail party today at the LA Trunk Show, click HERE for their Facebook event page.

UPDATE 04/27/10: LA Trunk Show will have complimentary drinks and a DJ again this Friday, April 30th, at 7-10 PM. There will be a food truck too! I won't be able to make it this time, so take pics for me!

UPDATE 04/28/10: Per @SMMainStreet: World Cafe's Happy Hour runs 11:30 AM - 7 PM, plus live music all night long.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = Free + $3 Parking.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
Kiss & Tell Date Idea by @TheLAScene & @TrunkShowLA
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