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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

181. Greek Fests 2010

Opa!! It's time to eat and dance with the Greeks!
The Greek Festivals are coming!! I love watching the live music, Greek dancing & lessons (see my picture below), arts & crafts and (the best part in my opinion) Greek food & desserts (baklava, yum!). In general, these events run all weekend, Friday to Sunday, starting at 5 PM on Fridays and noon on Saturdays and Sundays, while closing up at 10 or 11 PM every night. Click on the links below for details and directions about each one. Admission ranges from FREE to $5 while kids under 12 are free at most festivals. Parking is free at all these locations and some provide free shuttles too.

Greek Fest
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Wow, there's practically one every month through summer. I've updated my Google Calendar, so click HERE if you would like to add these event(s) to yours too:
  • May 21-23: OC Greek Fest in Anaheim, $3 at the door (or FREE with this coupon).
  • June 25-27: Irvine Greek Fest, $3 except free on Saturday Noon-5 PM or print their Facebook coupon for free admission.
  • July 9-11: South Bay Greek Festival in Redondo Beach, $2 but a coupon for free admission will be coming soon.
  • Labor Day Weekend (to be confirmed): Long Beach Greek Fest, $3 but a coupon for free admission may be available later on the website.
  • Sept 10-12: LA Greek Fest, $3 (day) or $5 (evening) but sometimes it's free on Fridays and watch out for a coupon in the future.
  • For a complete list of Greek Festivals between LA and OC, check out GoLosAngeles.com.

I usually get a big group of friends to go (i.e. group date!) and have been to both the LA and South Bay Greek Fests. I may have to check out the others on the list now, but the SB one has been rated the highest on Yelp. According to the UrbanDictionary.com, opa is a word that Greek people use for no apparent reason at all and is used to describe a jubilant emotion of/during celebration. Opa, opa , opa!!!

Approximate cost of creative date idea = Free - $5 Admission + Food & Drink.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.

Kiss & Tell Date Idea by my Greek Goddess, @CPAsally
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