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Friday, May 28, 2010

188. Summer Sunset Cruise

Setting sail at sunset sounds soooooo romantic!
This might get my vote for top romantic yet cheap date idea! At 50% off (like a BOGO deal), you have 2 cruise options in Newport Beach: either free appetizers OR an unlimited drink package. For my fellow cheap dates in LA, there is a cruise in Marina del Rey too. Seriously, we are so lucky to live by the water because this date idea won't work everywhere.

Spirit of Tasmania I
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Option A: 90-Min Cruise with Unlimited Drink Option
WHEN: 5:30 PM Fiesta Cruise or 7:30 PM Sunset Cruise.
WHERE: Newport Beach.
HOW: Buy your voucher now (deal expires 5/31) online via SwoopOff.com and use anytime until 12/30/10, reservation required via CruiseNewportBeach.com.
COST: Only $13 Flat ($26 Regularly).
BONUS: Enjoy all-you-can-drink for a mere $15pp more! Decide later and pay on board. Let me put it this way: How much do you spend on drinks within 90 minutes anywhere else in LA & OC?

Option B: 2-Hour Cruise with Complimentary Appetizers
WHEN: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 PM (June - September).
Where: Newport Beach.
HOW: Buy tickets online with 50% discount code EMA42 via Hornblower.com.
COST: $14pp + tax = $16.58pp total ($28pp Regularly).

Option C: Same cruise as Option B but in Marina del Rey.
WHEN: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM.
WHERE: Marina del Rey.
HOW: Buy tickets at least 24 hour in advance on Goldstar.com.
COST: $18pp + $4 fee = $22 total ($28 Regularly).

The SwoopOff deal sounds like the best because you can buy it now and use it later. That's 7 months to plan your romantic yet cheap date! More importantly, it will be a fixed total cost on the beverages, which can easily add up elsewhere and end up not being a cheap date.  Just make sure to buy your $13 voucher on SwoopOff before the deal ends (or worse- sells out)! By the way, these vouchers make for a great gift for a birthday or anniversary too. However, if you prefer free food (apps) over drinks, check out Hornblower but I'm not sure when the 50% discount code will expire. For either cruise, boarding begins 30 minutes, so make sure to arrive early or the boat will leave you! For a free cruise in Long Beach Harbor (no free apps or all-you-can-drink option), check out Cheap Date Idea #145. Have fun!

UPDATE 06/19/10: Bad news: Option-A is no longer available. Good news: Here's a good deal for another sunset cruise BUT better because it's offered on weekends, Thursdays-Sundays.

OPTION D: 90-Min Cruise with Unlimited Drink Option
WHEN: 7:00 - 8:30 PM Thursdays - Sundays with advance reservation by phone or web
WHERE: Newport Beach
HOW: Buy your voucher now online via @DealPerkOC and use later until Sept 30th (that's over 3 months to plan your cheap date).
COST: $12.50 pp (Regularly $25) + $8 Parking (Click HERE to buy voucher now)
BONUS: This deal includes complimentary chips and salsa. Enjoy all-you-can-drink for a mere $15 pp more! Decide later and pay on board.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = $13-19 pp.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = $52-61 Total.
Kiss & Tell Date Idea by @swoopoff & @newportbeach
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