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Monday, April 19, 2010

158. FREE Ozomatli at Amoeba - 4/20

Come enjoy a blend of hip-hop, salsa, and funk tomorrow for free!
The free shows at the Amoeba Music Store make for a nice casual date idea, especially for music lovers. Ozomatli will be at Amoeba in Hollywood tomorrow, Tuesday, April 20th, at 6 PM. This is a celebration of their new CD, Fire Away, but you may recognize Don't Mess with the Dragon from 2007. I just realized that this band has been around for 14 years. I remember when I heard their first CD in 1998 (yikes, I'm aging myself). Anyhow, if you have not heard them, click HERE for music clips and tomorrow is a great opportunity to do so live in person for free! If not, watch live stream on Amoeba.com or check the calendar online for future free shows.
when i say "ozo" ...

Arriving early for parking and staking out a spot would be smart. On Yelp.com, Amoeba has been compared to Costco in size, so it's easy to stay until closing time at 11 PM (every day except Sundays which is 9 PM). As for parking, street parking is possible, otherwise there is a parking garage with validation. Take this opportunity to buy a used music CD or movie DVD here with your partner, so you can secure your next date (hint hint). Have fun!

Approximate cost of creative date idea = Free.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
Kiss & Tell Date Idea by @estarLA
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