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Friday, April 30, 2010

167. Grunion Party, Venice - 4/30

You have to do this at least once!
This is like Cheap Date Idea #127, so I'll keep this short and sweet! The Venice Oceanarium is hosting a Grunion Party TONIGHT, April 30th, at 11 PM, in Venice. It is late, but that's when the silvery fish come out to lay their eggs on our beaches. For details and directions, click HERE. You can do this on your own, but this is a fun group activity, especially for families.

Grunion Run
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The grunion are expected to be spawning 10:55 PM - 12:55 AM tonight. You can try catching them but have to throw them back in since it's closed season right now (see schedule online). To best watch and document the work of nature, bring a flash light and a camera. Make sure to bundle up but prepared to roll up your pants and wear flip flops.

Since the Grunion Party doesn't start until 11 PM, go "next door" to Santa Monica for their monthly event, Last Fridays on Main Street (see Cheap Date Idea #140). If you miss this party or Venice is too far, check out Cheap Date Idea #127 for other organized grunion runs in San Pedro.

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