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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

166. Learn Improv for FREE

Learn improv for free or just laugh for cheap!
Do you enjoy cheap laughs? Come and see the improv group called Monkey Butler Comedy! You have 2 choices here: (a) Learn improv for FREE or (b) Watch for $2-5. If you want to be part of the act, this organization offers FREE workshops and classes. Yes, you heard me- you can learn how to improv on weeknights at various locations throughout Los Angeles (see schedule online). Make it a group date: learn for free at the next one on 4/29 and invite friends to watch you for $2! Or come another day to sit back and watch the pros for a mere $5. Either way it's a cheap date idea.

Thanks, monkey butler!
Originally uploaded by Eric K.

The upcoming shows are usually 8-10 PM but check online for schedule update and more info:
  • Thurs 4/29 in Culver City (learn for free or watch for $2)
  • Wed 5/5 in Hollywood (watch for $5)
  • Fri 5/21 in Studio City (TBD)
  • Mon 5/24 in Culver City (learn for free or watch for $1)
Most comedy shows are not truly cheap date ideas due to the 2-drink minimum. However, Monkey Butler Comedy is open to all ages (AKA family-friendly) since no alcohol is served. Depending on the location, light snacks and water may be available. The best bet is to grab a bite beforehand.

To be honest, I "tried' improv in high school drama class and let's just say that I appreciate the talent (it's worth the $2-5 to me). If you're brave and looking for a unique date idea, this is a winner! For more cheap (and FREE) laughs in LA & OC, click HERE for a list.

Approximate cost of creative date idea = Free to learn or $1-5 pp to watch.
Actual value of the cheap date idea = Priceless.
Kiss & Tell Date Idea by @remywriter
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